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Journal of Curriculum and Evaluation. Vol. 12, No. 1, 2009

A Philosophical Investigation into the Logic of Education compared with the Logic of Politics and the Logic of Economy
정치논리, 경제논리와 비교해 본 교육논리의 특징
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):1-22.
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The Impacts of Grouping Methods according to Learning Styles on the Interactions and Discussion Satisfaction of Learners in Online Discussion Activities
온라인 토론 활동에서 학습양식에 따른 집단 구성 방법이 학습자 상호작용과 토론만족도에 미치는 영향
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):23-41.
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Ecological Analysis of the Korean Student’s Classroom Instruction Experience in American Public School
한국 학생의 미국 공립학교 교실수업 경험에 대한 생태학적 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):43-72.
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning on Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis
협동학습의 학업성취 효과에 관한 메타분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):73-101.
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Feasibility of Using Prior Information about Predicted Item Difficulty in Increasing the Accuracy of Item Parameter Estimation and IRT Equating
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):103-122.
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A Comparative Study of Writing Assessment between In-service Teacher and Pre-service Teacher of Korean
현직 국어교사와 예비 국어교사의 쓰기 평가 비교 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):123-143.
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Development of Test Items to Measure the Consciousness of Information and Communication Ethics for Middle School Students
중학생용 정보통신윤리의식 검사의 개발 및 타당화 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):145-169.
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Analysis of Achievement Standards and Assessment Standards Based on 7th Curriculum Focused on Middle School Chemistry
제7차 교육과정에 근거한 중학교 화학 영역의 성취기준과 평가기준 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):171-197.
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Development of the Classroom Spectroscope Connecting to the Computer and the Practical Uses in Schools
컴퓨터와 연결된 교육용 분광기 제작과 교육적 활용 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):199-219.
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An Exploration of the Meaning of Physical Education Students’ Experiences during the Teaching Practicum
예비체육교사들의 교육실습에 대한 인식과 경험
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):221-246.
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Development Course of Practical Skill Test of Examination System for Appointing Middle School Physical Education Teachers
중등체육교원 임용시험제도의 실기평가에 대한 발전방향
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):247-266.
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Elementary EFL Class Students’Writing Ability Improvement Utilizing English Cartoon Composing
영어 만화짓기를 활용한 초등영어 쓰기능력 향상 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2009;12(1):267-293.
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