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Journal of Curriculum and Evaluation. Vol. 16, No. 3, 2013

A Study of‘Justification’as a Principle in the Integration of Korean Language and Mathematics - By analyzing textbooks according to Toulmin's argumentation
국어ㆍ수학 통합 교과 원리로서 ‘정당화’에 대한 탐구 - 툴민의 논증 구조에 따른 분석을 중심으로
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):1-25.
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Teachers'and Students' Responses to the Literary Texts of Literature Textbooks for Highschool Student
고등 『문학』 교과서 텍스트에 대한 교사와 학생들의 반응 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):27-51.
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Analysis of the Science Writing Activities in Biology I textbooks and Life Science I textbooks
『생물Ⅰ』과 『생명 과학Ⅰ』 교과서의 과학 글쓰기 활동 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):53-71.
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The Analysis of Students' Perception of the Importance, Preference, Difficulty, Practice of Writing
쓰기 중요도ㆍ선호ㆍ난도ㆍ습관에 대한 학생들의 반응 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):73-97.
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Novice Teachers' Understandings of the Gap between Teacher Preparation and the Real Classroom in Teaching the Moral Subject in Secondary Schools
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):99-120.
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Analysis on Preservice Korean Teachers' Development of Grammar Assessment Items
예비 국어 교사의 문법 평가 문항 설계 양상 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):121-145.
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The comparison of performances of the automated scoring algorithms: the maximum entropy and support vector regression method
쓰기 자동채점 알고리듬의 성능 비교: 최대 엔트로피 기법과 서포트 벡터 회귀 기법
J. Curric. Eval. 2013;16(3):147-165.
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