Novice Teachers' Understandings of the Gap between Teacher Preparation and the Real Classroom in Teaching the Moral Subject in Secondary Schools

Young-Eun Kim 1 ,
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1Doctoral Student, The University of Texas at Austin
Corresponding Author : Young-Eun Kim, E-mail :

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Received: Aug 30, 2013 ; Revised: Oct 02, 2013 ; Accepted: Oct 16, 2013

Published Online: Nov 30, 2013


This study explores novice teachers' experiences between the preservice teacher curriculum (PTC) and the first years of teaching. It aims to critically reflect on teacher preparation of moral subjects, and add empirical qualitative evidence to research in preservice teacher education (PTE). Novice teachers often struggle with their lack of teacher identity and practical knowledge during the first years of teaching. Furthermore, the curriculum mismatch between coursework and the secondary school curriculum hinders knowledge growth in professional teaching. Research data from interviews show that PTC needs a stronger focus on pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) through practice. Moreover, colleges and schools need to collaboratively produce extended student teaching and internship opportunities to preservice teachers.

Keywords: preservice teacher education; novice teachers' experiences; learning from practice; sociocultural competence; pedagogical learner knowledge; pedagogical content knowledge