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Journal of Curriculum and Evaluation. Vol. 23, No. 3, 2020

Analysis of the 2015 Revised Korean Languages Curriculum in terms of the OECD Education 2030 competencies
2015 개정 국어과 교육과정의 OECD Education 2030 역량 반영 양상 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2020;23(3):1-22.
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The Effect of 「Science Inquiry Experiment」 of 2015 Revised National Curriculum Towards High School Students’ Science and General Core Competencies
2015 개정 교육과정의 「과학탐구실험」이 고등학생의 과학 및 일반 핵심역량에 미치는 효과: 교수학습 방법을 중심으로
J. Curric. Eval. 2020;23(3):23-50.
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A Study on Strengthening Teaching Capacity through a Teacher Learning Community of Class Exploration
수업탐구 교사공동체를 통한 수업역량 강화 방안 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2020;23(3):51-73.
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Development and validation of creative classroom culture measurement tools perceived by elementary school teachers
초등학교 교사가 지각한 창의적인 교실 문화 측정도구 개발 및 타당화
J. Curric. Eval. 2020;23(3):75-106.
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Music concept teaching direction of career electives subject 'Music appreciation and criticism'
진로 선택 과목 ‘음악 감상과 비평’의 음악 개념 지도 방향
J. Curric. Eval. 2020;23(3):107-127.
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Relationships of Pre-service Teachers’ Formative Assessment Experience and Mastery Goal Orientation with their Conceptions of Assessment for Learning(AfL)
초·중등 예비교사의 형성적 평가 경험과 숙달목표 및 학습을 위한 평가인식의 관계
J. Curric. Eval. 2020;23(3):129-148.
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