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Journal of Curriculum and Evaluation. Vol. 17, No. 1, 2014

Adequacy Analysis of Drama Genre Classes in High School 『Literature I』 Textbook according to the‘2009 Revised Curriculum'
2009개정 교육과정에 따른 고등학교 『문학 Ⅰ』 교과서의 극 갈래 수업 내용 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(1):1-22.
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An analysis on population education and related topics in ‘Society and Culture’textbooks of high school
사회ㆍ문화 교과서에 나타난 인구 관련 내용
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(1):23-51.
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The teachers' perception of the implementation of high-school integrated science developed by 2009 revised science curriculum
2009 개정 고등학교 융합과학의 실행에 대한 교사의 인식
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(1):53-76.
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A Study on the Actual Utilization and Teachers' Satisfaction with Elementary and Middle School English Textbook
초ㆍ중학교 영어 교사들의 교과서 활용도 및 만족도 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(1):77-95.
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Methods for preventing cyber bullying in moral education
도덕과교육을 통한 사이버 불링(Cyberbullying) 예방 방안
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(1):97-119.
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Types of Transition in School Progress and Background Variables: Data from NAEA 2011-2012
2011-2012 고등학교 향상도 추이 유형과 영향요인 분석
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(1):121-142.
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