개인화 종합평가시스템 탐색

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Tae-Je Seong 1
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1Professor, Ewha Womans University

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Received: Oct 10, 2006 ; Revised: Nov 15, 2006 ; Accepted: Nov 27, 2006

Published Online: Dec 31, 2006


교육평가의 기능은 개인의 성장ㆍ발달을 촉진시키는 것이다. 그러므로 개인 위주의 평가체제로 변화하여야 하고, 이런 관점에서 능력과 성장참조평가를 실시하여야 하며, 개인의 능력수준에 맞는 검사를 실시하여야 한다. 고등정신능력 함양을 위하여 수행평가가 선호되고 다양한 방법에 의한 검사와 측정결과에 의하여 개인을 평가하는 총평체제로 변화되며, 일회적 평가에서 지속적 평가를 위하여 보다 과학적인 문항반응이론이 적용하여야 한다. 인간에 대한 평가는 종합적이어야 하기에 새로운 평가체제를 적용한 개인화 종합평가시스템을 제안한다. 개인화 종합평가시스템은 컴퓨터를 이용하여, 개인 능력수준에 맞는 평가도구를 제시하고 정답 여부에 따라 다른 문제가 제시된다. 검사나 측정 결과를 컴퓨터에 저장하여 지속적으로 개인의 변화ㆍ성장을 분석하여 평가를 실시하며, 면접이나 관찰결과도 종합하여 개인을 총평할 수 있다. 개인화 종합평가시스템을 개발하기 위하여 교육평가전문가, 교과내용전문가, 그리고 컴퓨터 관련 전문가들의 협동 연구가 필요하고 이를 위하여 국가적으로 인적자원 개발 차원에서의 지원 아래 공동 개발 작업이 요구된다.


A function of the educational evaluation makes human being grow individually. However, conventional standardized test, mechanical and group education or educational evaluations don't meet the goals of education and that these won't do good to individual growth and development or the growth of the society/nation.

There are changes for the educational evaluation from the norm-referenced evaluation to the growth-referenced evaluation, from a paper & pencil test to computerized adaptive test, from a multiple choice item to a performance assessment, from a test to an assessment, and from one-time measurement to continuous measurement in order to analyze the individuals' growth and changes.

This study suggested a comprehensive evaluation system focusing on the changes to the methods of educational evaluation and individual students according to the nature of educational evaluation. It's the new change from tests to assessment, which means a comprehensive evaluation system based on the computer is needed to integrated the advanced evaluation methods.

Tests are administered with the computer instead of the old paper-and-pencil resources. A selection type item, a supply type item or a performance assessment instrument is given as part of a computerized adaptive test. The performance assessment will given according to the evaluation contents. Once the test and evaluation results are stored in the computer and individual databases are set up to do ongoing tests and evaluations, it's possible to analyze individual changes and growth and check if they reached the criteria to obtain a certificate. Even assessment is possible when the test results are combined with the interview or observation results administered to analyze individual characteristics in more diverse aspects. Such a computer-based evaluation system will help evaluate individual characteristics in a more systematic, scientific, and comprehensive way. A comprehensive evaluation system can have a wide range of applications in education, industry, and other fields.

Since an individualized comprehensive evaluation system only is in the stage of suggestion, there should be active research efforts among expertises in the field of educational evaluation, curriculum, and computer science, to put it to practical use.

Keywords: 성장참조평가; 컴퓨터화 검사; 수행평가; 총평; 종합평가
Keywords: growth-referenced evaluation; computerized test; performance assessment; assessment; comprehensive evaluation