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Journal of Curriculum and Evaluation. Vol. 17, No. 2, 2014

Revision of Law on the Approved Books
인정도서 관련 법규의 개선 방안
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(2):1-20.
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A Study on the Improvement for Building the Taxonomy Table of Two Dimensional Objectives Based on It's Actual Condition Survey in the Standards based Assessment of Achievement
성취평가제에서의 이원목적분류표 작성 실태분석과 개선 방안 연구
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(2):21-48.
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Comparison of Sampling Methods for National Assessment of Educational Achievement in Elementary Schools
국가수준 학업성취도 평가의 초등학교 표집방법 비교
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(2):49-70.
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Applicabilities of Automated Short-answer Scoring to Large-scale English Writing Tests
대규모 영어 단문형 쓰기 평가를 위한 자동채점 프로그램의 적용 가능성 탐색
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(2):71-97.
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A Comparative Analysis of Scoring Results in Korean Automatic Scoring Program for Short-answer Items - focused on the three subjects in NAEA: Korean, Social Studies and Science -
한국어 서답형 문항 자동채점 결과 비교 분석 - 국가수준 학업성취도 평가 국어,사회,과학 문항을 중심으로 -
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(2):99-122.
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Students’Reading Engagement in Print and Digital Reading Achievement: Using a Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling
J. Curric. Eval. 2014;17(2):123-151.
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